Moving to Portugal


  • Original ocean bill of lading / air waybill. Container Manifest
  • Passport.
  • Certificate de Baggage issued by Portuguese consulate.
  • Comprehensive Inventory in Portuguese stating that all item’s are used and have been in possession of the owner for more than 6 months.
  • Declaration as per EEC regulation.
  • Residence certificate.
  • Narcotics/drugs.
  • Firearms exceeding 7.62 mm and ammunition. (see listing).
  • Gold in bars.
  • Medicines and foodstuffs prejudicial to National health.
  • Firearms/Weapons.
  • Up to a caliber of 7.62 mm require special permit from the police and should be packed separately and identified.


Only the normal duty free allowance applies.

Moving to Portugal


Although HHG/PE may be imported duty free, they are always subject to customs clearance broker’s fees, which are based on the shipment. VEHICLES: Check with the consulate.

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