Museums in Portugal

The National Library, founded in 1796 (around 2.3 million volumes) and the Library of the Academy of Sciences (400,000) in Lisbon, the University Library in Coimbra (1 million), and the Municipal Library in Porto (1.27 million). In the year 1997 the country had 168 public libraries with 4.8 million volumes. Lisbon has the National Museum of Ancient Art, the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, ,the Center for Modern Art and the Museum of Decorative Arts, as well as the National Museum of Natural History.

Actually there are dozens of municipal ethnographic and historic museums.

Museums located in Porto

Museu do Carro Eléctrico

Located in the northwest of city center. This museum preserves the original transit system of Porto.

Casa Museu Guerra Junqueiro

Located in the city center, Once home to the legendary Portuguese poet Guerra Junqueiro, this 18th century structure developed and built by Italian architect Niccolò Nasoni. Religious-themed carvings from stone and wood and a rare set of English alabaster sculptures, as well.

Museu Romântico da Quinta da Macieirinha

Located in the city center, On the top floors of a charming 19th century house, you’ll find Portuguese, German, and French furniture, as well as rugs, watercolors, oil paintings and ceramics. In the old time particular note, the abdicated King of Sardinia, Carlos Alberto, lived and died here in 1849.

Museums located in Lisbon

Museu da Marinha

Between Europe’s finest maritime centers with exhibits recalling Portugal’s glorious contributions to nautical expedition. Items include naval uniforms and models of ships ranging from the 15th to the 18th centuries. There is also a nice section devoted to Portugal’s pioneer aviators.

Museu Nacional de Etnologia

Established in 1965, this museum features more than 26,000 cultural items from different countries, including an excellent collection of Portuguese farming tools and African art.

Centro de Art Moderna

Great art modern Portuguese with work ranging from the turn of the century to the present. The town Lisbon is first major permanent collection of modern art was established in 1980.