Portugal Opening Hours and Holidays

For the Portuguese, the holidays are a natural part of their calendar. Many festivals and traditions have been upheld so that there is a rich array of ferias throughout the year, no matter when or where exactly you choose to visit Portugal.

Holydas in Portugal

• Jan 1; Feb 12 (Carnival)
• April 25 (Revolution day)
• May 1 (Labour day)
• June 10 (Camυes day)
• Jun 24 (St John’s Day, Lisbon only)
• Aug 15 (Assumption)
• Oct 5 (Republic day)
• Nov 1 (All Saints)
• Dec 1 (Independence day)
• Dec 25 (Merry Christmas)

Opening Hours

Normally the shops generally open Monday to Saturday between 9am to 1pm & 3pm to 6pm or 7pm, however other large shopping centres which are popular in Portugal and stay open until 10pm or midnight. The Monuments, Museums and churches open from around 10am to 6pm, habitually all museums and monuments, however, are closed on Mondays, and at Easter, when cultural life seems to cease completely.