Portugal Festivals

The traditional festival is a great way for any visitor and traveler to Portugal to absorb something of Portuguese popular culture and get to know better the local people and their way of life. The town strong Catholic heritage, allied to the many local pagan customs which were integrated into the average person’s religious convictions, has lead to a popular culture rich in a firm belief for many Portuguese in saints, miracles, lucky charms, healing springs, shrines, offerings, magic, cults and superstition.

Some Festivals

• Jan 1 New Year’s Day
• April 1-8 Holy Week
• April 8 Easter Sunday
• May 1 Labor Day (closures)
• May 17 Ascension Day (religious festival)
• Oct 5 Republic Day (closures)
• Nov 1 All Saints’ Day (religious festival, closures)
• Dec 1 Independence Restoration Day (closures)
• Dec 25 Christmas