Into the city of Blue and beautiful: Jodhpur Travel Diaries

Jodhpur is a famous traveller stop in Rajasthan. Submitting a rich social heritage, Jodhpur Tourism is a growing industry on its own. Enormous well-known fortresses, majestic mansions, and alluring gardens are some of the sensual sight exhibitions of tourist excitement. Most of the structures located in Jodhpur city are coated in blue colour and henceforth the city is also known as Blue city.

  • The story of the Blue city-

Where Jaisalmer is the golden city and the pink city is Udaipur, Jaipur is a pink city, Jodhpur, relaxing along the margins of the severe Thar Desert, is a blue city. Blue, not for any lakes that unveil the cloudless azure of the skies overhead, but because of the painted coating that is used to colour the residences of the city. A unique colour that some dogma indicates the abodes of the Brahmins of Jodhpur, the blue is in actuality a result of the extension of copper sulfate, which is attached to the liquid to stop termites.

  • Jodhpur heritage hotels-

Jodhpur heritage hotels aim at giving the level of extravagance that the kings experienced. This commitment to entertainment is the principal purpose of why their customers make sure that they drop by in these same houses every single time they are in Jodhpur. Jodhpur hotels are renowned for their opulence and colorful interiors. Several heritage hotels can be found in Jodhpur and they are amongst the best in the country. The heritage hotels in Jodhpur are really an extravagant stay that helps you to bask in the royal.

  • Itinerary of Jodhpur trip-

The leading tourist attraction of Jodhpur, and featuring surely in all Jodhpur Tour Packages, is the great Mehrangarh Fort. Placed on the top of a hill, Mehrangarh Fort. This place is also commonly known as Jodhpur kaQila. Another essential tourist fascination in Jodhpur is that of UmaidBhawan Palace. This Palace as well as Mehrangarh Fort highlight prominently in Jodhpur Packages of every kinds. For those curious in the imperial family and genealogy of Jodhpur, a monument worth attending is that of JaswantThada. Built-in the remembrance of king Jaswant, Thada is one of the most taxing structures made in art in Rajasthan. As a cenotaph of the king, JaswantThada is produced like a tomb not receiving any of the human remains as such. In extension to the cenotaph, there are other monuments as well within JaswantThada.

  • Food ad shopping in Jodhpur

Here, in markets as packed as they were three eras ago, and famous for camel leather shoes, pictures, silverware, dyed fabric, and expensive rugs, known as dhurries. Here, in an ambiance that is as fascinating as it gets, one can encounter Rajasthan’s many colours at their most clear. Here too, in between sampling regional treats like kachoris, melt-in-the-mouth mawa and glowing mirchivadas, travelers can traverse the nooks and crevices of a city that operates to connect the medieval with the modern in a style that’s truly hard to beat.

  • Plan a trip to enjoy the royalty

Jodhpur is an excellent place to feel the lifestyle of royalty. It is a land endowed with some energetic and exciting dimensions of nature. Ranging from the tranquillity of the wilderness to the spectacular excellence of lakes, from the peaceful sights of flora and fauna to the interesting sites of residents, Jodhpur offers unlimited opportunities for tourists. So, come and be a part of the celebration in this desert city. A short sojourn in Jodhpur can etch deep in the travellers’ heart. Don’t miss the vivacity that this blue city offers.