Communications in Portugal

Public telephone in Portugal

Public telephones can be used according to the two ways of paying other than with cash. One is by a card named “Credifone” and the other is by “TLP Card”. The former is accepted throughout the country and the latter only in Porto and Lisbon. Habitually the cards can be purchased at shops displaying signs advertising their sale.

International calls can be made direct and the zip code for Portugal is “351”. Actually for international calls must first dial “00”, then his country dial number, then the area code without the prefix “0”, and lastly the subscribers’ number. Within Portugal you can call direct to any subscriber first dialling the area code if the destination of the call is outside the area in which the call is being made.

• 00 + (Code Country) + (Code Town) + (Telephone)
• 00 + 351 + 55 + 9772812

• Telephones – main lines in use: 6.548 million (2007)
• Telephones – mobile cellular: 18,508,100 (2007) Cell Networks(2G/3G): TMN – (2G+3G licence) Vodafone (2G+3G licence).

Post Offices in Portugal

The Post Office also offers an express service named EMS that records the delivery. A registered letter is “correio registrado”, and postage stamps.

Post Offices are normally open from 08.30am to 18.30pm. from Monday to Friday. In several cities main Post Offices will also be open on Saturdays mornings or the whole day. Outside and inside many Post Offices, there are stamp vending machines that indicate the cost for each type and the weight of the item being posted.